Three skills you can learn during the lockdown

1. Photo and Video Editing

Nowadays, most businesses are transacted online due to the Corona virus pandemic. There are tons of adverts, posters, animations and short video advertisements on various social media platforms, and even television. Have you ever wondered how these are done. Well, they are done by people like you and they are well paid. Though these two skills are slightly difficult to learn, they pay well if you can master them well.

You can try learning them by yourself by watching a couple of YouTube videos and taking courses online. Also, these skills can earn you a sizeable income without you even leaving your bed.

Most photo manipulations are done with photoshop and video editing is done with Adobe premiere pro (on pc) although there are other good applications you can use.

2. Copywriting

This is simply the art of writing. Copywriting is simply the process of writing copies. It can be in various forms such as writing mails, sales pages, content writing, blogging and so on. Currently, this skill is one of the highly demanded skills(if not the most highly demanded). It is relatively easier to learn and master when compared to photo and video editing (I think most of you will agree to that fact). It is very easy to learn and master.

It is very rare for a copywriter to be broke because companies will always need to write mails, bloggers will surely write articles and so on.

Most of the mails we see from various organizations like banks, companies as inbox in our e-mails and so on are written by copywriters. I like to call them content Creators.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing simply involves building an online community. It simply involves gathering followers on various social media such as YouTube, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and so on. What are the followers needed for?

The answer is quite simple. With much followers, business owners tend to get higher market to sell their products to.

A practical example is a typical Whatsapp TV.

Most of us are on Whatsapp and we know about whatsapp TVs. What they do is get many people to register with them. The more contacts of people they have, the more views they have on their status. The main reason why they organize referral contest, giveaways and so on is to have a larger market(many people) to reach out to. With this large number of followers, the owners of such TVs begin to advertise their products or other organization’s products which helps the product’s maker(the person or organization) to make more money.

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