30 Businesses Entrepreneurs Can Start For $5000 or Less

30 Businesses Entrepreneurs Can Start For $5000 or Less

Those who have been in business, understand an infusion of funds into the business is always welcome. Many business people out there have tried to raise capital for their business. While some have succeeded, some have not fared very well. Many others think of venturing into business and need the capital but they do not know where to start.

The first-place people think of raising the funds is the financial institution, usually the banks. However, to start a business you will need to have a business plan. It has to be well defined to show your vision, the product/service, how you will make money and grow. A business without a plan is a recipe for disaster, no matter how much capital you may have. It will be a roadmap for your business.

Business plans will help you to get financial help if you need capital. It can be used with the banks or other types of investors. One point that doesn’t strike a chord with most businesses is that maintaining proper financial records is important. Managing the financial records is significant from day one of operations. Not only will it prevent you getting into tax problems, it cultivates financial discipline.

Don’t be put off when you are failing to get financial assistance for your business. Here are 30 businesses you could start with $5000 or less. If none of them are for you, reading this list might jog your mind to think of something that is of your desire.

30. Business Consulting

Many companies spend a lot of money to improve their business operations by hiring specialist consultants. This includes the human resources, technology, the environment, and marketing. Good business acumen is enough for you to start generating income. The business can be launched from your home.

Probably the best consulting business you can start is the waste disposal and recycling management. Companies are spending a lot of money every month in this area. It only requires a bit of training to get the necessary skills to perform the work. With the green environment taking center stage, companies hire environmental waste consultants to create the waste reduction systems.

If you are working from home, there will be minimal costs. Overhead costs will include marketing materials, promotion and any specific certification that are required. There should be a consideration on the utility bills and expenses on your car. If you decide to take care of the waste, then you will need a waste disposal car. This is possibly what will take a big chunk of your start-up capital. A space in your backyard can be used to strip the items for recycling waste requirements. Looking into the above requirements, be prepared to spend between $2,000 to $5,000 dollars.

Starting up needs more time and effort, therefore, you can decide to join a network of professional environmental waste management. You can either go solo and attract business through the marketing initiatives. Doing it alone involves more time and high marketing costs. There are opportunities for making around $1,000 a week for general consulting. When it’s combined with the waste management, you can make as high as $2,000 a week. This is only for one company and getting several companies can earn you a fortune.

29. Pet Services

If you love pets, then this is probably a business for you. Many people have pets that have various needs. They can not be left alone and require someone to pet-sit them. For instance, there are some pets that are not allowed to board the aircraft and have to be left behind. The pet owners like to leave their pets in a safe and familiar environment. Most people hire pet services for short periods like when they need them on a weekend or day out.

There is no better place than the home environment and they need someone to take care of them. This is where a pet service is required to come to their homes and render their services. Starting this business is easy and can be done on a small scale in its initial stage. You can hire or contract more pet-sitters when the business is growing. See if can incorporate pet walking, disciplining and scooping poop as this will be additional costs to the client.

The business requires some marketing initiatives that can be done by targeting the community around your area. The targeted audience includes the pet food retailers, dog trainers, dog walkers and pet-grooming services. The capital to start the business is around $2,000. A license, insurance, and bond may be required in some areas. You will have to come up with the suitable fees for long and short-term pet services. A good amount of start-up capital goes to the marketing of your business. These include flyers and networking activities.

The services involve dealing with different types of dogs. There is a need to understand their characteristics. Love for the dogs and knowledge of animals will help you in providing good services. You are supposed to play, feed and walk with them. You can even upsell your services for untrained animals.

28. Painting

You will love this business if you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Painting is one of the businesses that are always in high demand. Most buildings require painting and these can be either residential homes or commercial buildings. There is always a job available for the skilled painters. The painting job has two categories which are interior and exterior painters. If you already know the painting work then it will good for you. The business will just need few tools to start-off and you can get high-quality ones for just a small amount.

A good place to start you business is by targeting the residential homes, new construction sites and business places for commercial painting. Mind you, it is involving and you will have to network with the right people when you launch the business. A lot of marketing will do good to your business through advertisement in your local newspaper and flyers. You can distribute your flyers in the hardware shops where building materials are sold. Remember, this is a high energy work that requires a lot of standing. The risks are mainly the exposure to the strong paint fumes.

The overheads are around $2,000 that include mostly, drop cloths, a ladder and edges. You may need to get high grade paint brushes that should be durable. Marketing and advertising will take a greater part of your budget. In most areas, they need a license and liability insurance and that has to be taken into account. Taking everything into mind, the biggest investment is your time to attract the clients to your business.

The return on this investment can be worthwhile. Additional services can be incorporated as the business grows such as pressure washing. Don’t forget to get extra help that will be needed including the skilled painters, vehicles and drivers.

27. Vending Machines

The vending machines are possibly the easiest money-making appliances that you can ever find. It’s cheap to start the business. For instance, a used soda machine will cost you between $800 to $1,000 and a used snack machine is going around $1,200. Or else, if you desire to get a new machine, for each of these types they are going at between $2,000 to $4,000.

After getting the machines all you need is to find a right place where you can put them. The initial stock will not cost you that much and you. It will just be a waiting game as you be preparing cash out at the end of a week or weeks. The secret to this business is finding the appropriate place to put the machine. You need to to put them where the demand will be in high demand to maximize your earning potential. You may need to pay a few dollars to the owner of the place to get you a good space for your vending machine.

Once you are in business, on a regular basis you will require to buy more products to refill the machine. Transportation costs has to be considered and regular servicing of the machines. These activities require more of your time and energy. It involves buying, transporting and reloading the products which can sometimes be overwhelming. In some cases, you may have to pay between 5% to 10% as a fee for renting the area for the machines.

Expect to make around $50 a week for one vending machine that is strategically placed. If the place gets a lot of people that are seeking some refreshments, the amount can get higher than this. The returns are even higher if you have bigger and more vending machines that are well placed.

26. Party Rentals

Where there are children involved, there will be money that will be spent on them. The party rental business is for those who have a love for children. There is a lot of planning that is needed and requires someone who is well organized. Parents spend a lot of money on their children. For instance, the International Association of Amusement Park reported that the average revenue for hosting a child’s birthday party was around $370.

This business can be done by having a mobile service where you can go to the place of event. It can also be done by getting your permanent place or reserved park and wait for the bookings. In either case, the business involves planning the party, decoration, providing entertainment, meals, beverages, games and contests. The idea is for the kids to get lots of fun and their parents as well.

The charges for the party services vary depending on the activities but the starting fee is normally $20 per guest. It can go as high as $100 per guest for those that are highly personalized.

The overhead for the business is between $200 to $5,000. This will depend on the type and amount of equipment that you want. You can get water slides, games, lightning and bouncy items. For inflatable equipment you will get a blower, liability insurance. Having a company branded vehicle will easily market your services. The fuel costs and insurance will take part of your start-up budget. This business is all about visibility and excellent services. You can use social networks for instance on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market your services. The work involves a lot of time in setting up and taking down the equipment. At the beginning, the marketing activities can be hectic.

25. Cleaning

Most people are involved in income-generating activities and little time to take care of their surroundings. This includes the companies whose focus is their core business objectives. This is where there is a requirement for maids, crime scene cleaners, house cleaners, and janitors. If you are starting a cleaning service business, certified cleaning specialists are in high demand from all sectors of the economy.

The business needs to be equipped with a few items when you are launching it. A few basic cleaning skills are also a requirement to ensure that you can provide the expected standards. The items to be used include a van that can take your items, a few basic supplies, and protective wear. There are other things needed such as liability insurance, business cards, and professional invoices. Good presentation skills are vital to enable you to get good work opportunities.

All the above things can be sourced for less than $5,000 and a bigger share will go at getting a van. Should your budget be restrictive, then you start small like beginning with window cleaning services. This will require a few amount of money. The business can also have specialized services but you will have to get a certification that will cost more money. The certificates expose you to the specific companies that need such services. Some of the specialized services are restoration, disaster cleanup, and window cleaning.

The other expenses will occur along the way such as replacement and upgrade of supplies. The gas, insurance fees and marketing costs have to be factored in. It will be hard work at the start as you build your clientele base. Once established, you may choose the jobs to deal with. In the beginning, you can charge something like $20 per hour and increase it depending on your services. The fee depends on the targeted market and amount of time you will be

24. A Blog

Yes, you can have a profitable business centered entirely around blogging about a topic that you are interested in. It was different way back in 2007 when Web 2.0 was still new and the Internet was not as big as it is today. It didn’t have nearly as many users, who weren’t logging nearly as much time online. The internet had fewer devices to access it. In those days of the Internet (a decade on the calendar timeline is a century in Internet years). The conducted a survey of its readers.

This involved people who were trying to make money from their blog and be “professional bloggers.” The sample had part-time or full-time individuals. They managed to get 3,054 responses to the question, “How much did you earn in October 2007 from blogging?”

For the month of October that year, 23% of 3,054 ProBlogger readers made $1,000 or more that month. Far more interestingly, 12% made $5000 or more that month. And extremely interestingly, 9% were pulling in some sweet six-figure annual income, making $15,000 for the month of October 2007.

If you hunt around on Google, you’ll find many bloggers that publish their earnings and tell you the tools they use and how much they cost. Blogging is even more lucrative today than it was in 2007. To start a blog, all you really need to spend is about $10 for the domain. Then you will need to post the items that will bring traffic to your website. For instance, you can do affiliate marketing with one of the big companies. Let your blog post some of the products and get paid for doing that.

23. A YouTube Channel

In case you missed it, here was my list of 8 people who became millionaires off their YouTube channels, by uploading their own original videos to YouTube, usually just of them goofing off and playing video games. Did you catch that? These people are becoming millionaires by playing video games, and posting videos to YouTube of them playing and goofing off!

The key is to get a good screen capture program that records the video of your computer or TV screen so people can see the game you’re playing, then has another camera facing you so viewers can see your face and reactions as you play. A good mic for decent audio quality is a must as well. Then start playing games, editing the videos together, and uploading them to YouTube.

If you want to succeed, you have to be likable and funny, energetic and animated, loud and interesting. And you have to upload regularly, really pretty much every day if you want this to turn into anything but a hobby that pays you a few dollars. The money comes from ads YouTube serves on your videos. Keep it clean because swearing and violent content don’t monetize as well.

Hey, by the way, you can make a lot of money on Twitch too, which is the live streaming version of YouTube and has already created its own crop of millionaires. All the equipment you would need to do this comes cheap. This includes lighting and a reasonably powerful computer for video editing, as well as high-speed Internet. All these can all be had for under $5000. There you have it, don’t forget to post better quality and entertaining YouTube videos to maximize your income.

22. A Tim Ferriss Style Muse

You may not have been aware of the 2007 New York Times bestselling book, The Four Hour Work Week. This was written by Tim Ferriss. It’s sub-titled “Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich.” There are all kinds of excellent productivity advice in this book. The really unique value of this book is the step-by-step, cookbook recipe level specific instructions.

Tim Ferriss gives for starting a small business in no time and with little money that sells some product. He tells you exactly how to come up with the product sell. It goes somewhere in the range of $150 – $1000 in price. For instance, over an eCommerce website, you can set up, and get customers by advertising on Google AdWords.

You brainstorm a list of products you would like to sell. Ideally, they would be ones you would use yourself and aim for something that can be priced as such. Furthermore, should have the ideal search volume and cost per click on Google’s ad network. The process is ideal as it tests the capability of the business at a little cost.

You can build the website and test the business’s viability on Google’s ad network for under $5000. Building the website is easy and cheap. The website can be done by yourself or hire someone to do it for you at a reasonable fee. You can get a freelancer who is a specialized website builder. As Ferriss reported on his blog after the publication of the book, many people created extremely lucrative businesses using this method. The idea is to have your business concept and brainstorm if it’s workable. The internet through Google Adwords has made it possible for small businesses prosper at little startup costs.

21. An Info Product

One of the ideal products for entrepreneurs without very much startup money is an information product. That’s simply because of the ease and low cost of production and virtually zero cost of distribution in the digital era. All you need in many cases is a reasonably good laptop computer and you can put together and market an info product. There’s a man who owned a storage facility and decided to make an instructional DVD on how to set up security cameras for your storage facility and sell it to other storage facility owners like him. He made half a million dollars that way and his startup costs were well under $5000.

Other businesses are working with the big companies such as the Amazon to display their products. You will provide all the information on particular products. The strategy is to get as many clients buying that product on the Amazon or other online retail shops. And then you are paid a certain percentage when that product is bought.

You are also paid when related products to the product being promoted are bought. The secret is to keep as fewer products as possible at the beginning. Too many products will just confuse the customers.You can have a blog as well where you discuss the details of a specific product. Invite the clients to comment on that product and give your views regarding the same.

This product review initiative will drive many customers to buy the product from the retailer. As long as people are buying the products, you will get a payment for that. The start-up costs are very little and will need more of your time to ensure that clients are being attended to.

20. An eBook Business

Amazon’s Kindle eBook store grosses millions on top of millions of dollars every month with sales of digital eBooks that people read on their Kindles or mobile devices. It’s free to sign up for an account, get your tax information verified, and upload an eBook you wrote to be listed in their marketplace in its respective category. When someone buys a copy, you make a 70% commission on whatever price you set for the book, and Amazon takes the other 30% for giving you the marketplace full of customers. Not a bad gig.

Amazon also has a program called KDP Select in which the company allows readers to subscribe for the unlimited reading of any books that authors opt into that program (most authors do it because it’s big money). When a Kindle Unlimited reader reads your eBook, you don’t get paid a commission for a sale of that eBook. You get paid a certain amount for every page they turn, so the more they read, the more you make.

The money is divided up among all the page reads of all the KDP Select enrolled books, and the pool is announced each month in advance, usually something around $16 million every month up for grabs.

The only investment you might need is the time and energy in writing the books. It needs a lot of careful planning and time to come out with a book. But once it’s completed then you just wait for the financial returns which you will get paid from these companies. There are some individuals who will immediately start writing other books when they finish with the first one. This ensures that you have a large amount of income when all these books are on the market. Get you some.

19. Online Retail

Online retail has never been more available or profitable to entrepreneurs with little to no startup cash. Shopify will straight up give you a store and a mind-bogglingly massive product list to sell for a small fee every month, all you have to do is bring the traffic (through blogging or buying the traffic). People are making six figures and becoming millionaires off of it. Just Google Shopify success stories and read about how much money some of these people are making with almost no initial startup costs.

Online retail is a massive industry with an estimated amount of $36.8 billion in 2013 as stated by Forrester Research. Most of the purchases involve people who are inclined towards the use of the technological devices. This number was expected to increase as more people become dependent on the use of digital devices.

It has become a norm for people to use technology for their daily activities. Many people are using the internet, and in 2015, 60% of the online traffic came from the mobile devices. This includes those using the desktops. What makes this business attractive is that there are more than 3 billion internet users every day. This means that when you start the online retail, you can expose your products to a wider market.

It’s a low-cost business that requires a customized WordPress e-commerce website. This is estimated at $5,000 and includes PayPal and Google Adword software. The marketing and promotional initiatives are a crucial part of it. The business needs to be exposed to the appropriate audience. You can start with the online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These will cost you next to nothing and you can reach out to a good number of people.

18. A Freelancing Service

If you have any kind of marketable skill you can start a freelancing service. This will only be at the expense of your laptop, internet connection, time and attention. There is just too much work to be done and companies need freelancers to increase their paperwork. There are even some individuals who need some quick jobs to be done for them. Some of the freelancing services you can provide include writing, editing, computer programming, photography and audio engineering.

The opportunities for freelancing and the clearinghouses (like iWriter and Freelancer) are a multi-billion dollar industry annually. If you’re good you can make a great living. A good way to start this business is to charge lesser fees for your services until you have built a good clientele base. Let’s face it, you will initially have enough time to concentrate on a single project until you get a good number of customers. Once the work starts flowing, consistency and quality services are th hallmarks of the successful freelancing business.

Once you get a good number of clients you can work on having a scheduled fees that will have a specified amount of fees per project. It is important to note that fees are agreeable and should reflect on the projects that you are doing. To increase your income, you can decide to add more freelancers to your team.

Should it be difficult to start on your own, you can work with other freelancers until you gain appropriate experience. This will also present an opportunity to see how the business is run before attempting to start on your own. The downside part of it is that you will work for less income compared to doing it yourself.

17. A Lawn Mowing Company

In my recent blog article, 5 Incredibly Boring Ways to Make a Lot of Money, I covered the basics of how to start and grow a lawn mowing business. You can get the equipment new or used for under $5000. this will leave you with enough to buy some locally targeted search engine advertising. The audience can be people who are on the internet and looking for your services.

If not, the best approach to growing a lawn mowing company anyways is getting your friends, and family to hire you. Then you can learn and use the profits to start putting ads up everywhere and growing your client list. When you grow big enough you can start hiring some workers to actually mow the lawns. Then you can devote all your attention to managing and growing the business.

This business needs someone who likes working outdoors. The individual should have a lot of experience working with flowers, trees, shrubs and gardens. It involves designing, planting and managing the gardens. It is significant to get an idea from your clients exactly their expectations of the ideal garden that they want. Other things you may need to know include the design of landscaping, their budget and time frames.

The job will then involve placing the plants, soil, rocks and fertilizer. The garden can be done in phases depending on the client’s requirements. You can charge for your services anything between $25 to $50 per hour. This business works well with repeat customers and therefore, you need to give out your best services. You can advertise you services in a local newspaper and online. Getting to know the garden retailers will help you find more customers.

16. Candy Machines

You can get and fill up a candy machine with candy for a couple hundred dollars. You know, those candy machines that take quarters and dispense candy with a crank of that metal turn-style? You see them everywhere, in grocery stores, in restaurants, in hotels, in movie theaters.

Go around to places like that or anywhere that people, especially people with kids, gather and ask management if you can place a candy machine there and split the quarters with the store. You’ll have more luck with locally owned, one horse stores than chains, because they have a big corporate process that gums everything up. Get one store and put in a machine.

Then get a motel. Then a restaurant. Then a church. Keep moving, keep pushing. Let the snowball roll down hill and grow until soon you’re quitting your day job to knock on more doors asking to install candy machines and driving around town refilling candy and bringing home all those quarters. Just remember, as soon as you can, make the leap into vending machines.

There are some places where they will demand a fee for the space when you put the machine. Consider to incorporate it into the costs of your start-up budget and the transportation cost. This is an easier job and only involves your time and energy. You will need to buy the candy to restock and time to transport your products.

The energy levels spent are a little. To get maximum returns on your business, you can buy several candy machines and put them in different places where they are mostly frequented by children. Then you will just have to check after a few days if they need restocking.

15. Homemade gourmet foods

If you’ve been aiming to put your talents to use and run a lucrative business, direct your thoughts towards cooking. It is so because many people work long hours and have tight schedules, they don’t have time to prepare and resort to purchasing pre-made meals. It’s bustling industry, but you need to be unique and provide your customers with services that are different from your competitors. Homemade gourmet foods are your best chance of amassing funds with a small investment.

Despite the rising trend in people avoiding the obligation to cook, people are getting tired of the regular fast food. When they eat or order takeout, they strive to eat food that replicates homemade meals. With gourmet dishes, you will attract customers that have both a distinctive taste and enough funds to give you a steady influx of profit. You only need recipes, someone’s house or even a small rented place. That way, you will surely attract customers.

14. Handyman

No matter the level of technological advancement, some things will always be broken. Before handymen had to fix record players, now they focus on fridges and smart home systems. The trend has stayed the same for decades – handymen are always needed. The best part about this job is that it requires that you gain certain amounts of knowledge. You don’t need an expensive college degree, nor any extraordinary talent. You can learn how to fix, install and disassemble home appliances in a matter of weeks.

Aside from the fact that you won’t have to pay for education, you will have to spend just a little on tools. Even though it may seem like a lot at the beginning, high-quality tools will save you a lot more money later on. For handymen, advertising isn’t that important. In this line of work, the best possible promotion is a verbal recommendation. If you do a good enough job, people will recommend you to others.

13. Snow removal

During wintertime, even a day or two of snowfall may paralyze an entire area. Although state-financed snow plowing machines cover cities, smaller towns have often been isolated by large amounts of snowfall. There is your chance to both help people and earn a sufficient amount of money. The first thing you’ll need is a group of physically fit and trustworthy people. Snow removal is a simple, but a tiring line of work. Therefore, you need muscle. Get paid on an hourly wage.

Subsequently, you will have to have an advertising plan. Arrange deals with people from adjacent towns to be paid by each house in exchange for immediate action when there is snow. That way, you will be able to earn tens of thousands of dollars during one winter. Of course, this business won’t be as lucrative in California or Florida as it is in Montana or Vermont. Regardless, with food organization, you will earn sufficient funds.

12. Tutoring – Music, Art, and Craft, Education Classes

College students often worry about starting a business and making it in the corporate world. That situational anxiety is pointless, just because a gold vein of profit is located right under their noses – education. By being surrounded by young people who are potentially struggling in some educational regions, college students have the opportunity to undertake a noble position. They will gain profit from tutoring other students or young children. It requires no money to start – just time and basic teaching skills.

Post ads online, stick them to your dorm’s message board – people will always call. Make sure you are more flexible than your competition – offer dorm room visits, discounts and always try extra hard. That way, you will be able to have a constant influx of customer willing to pass their exams with your help. And the best part? By repeating what you already know – you will master and improve your skills for further utilization.

11. Elderly caregiver

Although it is a job avoided by many, the career of an elder caregiver is not a turbulent one, and it can earn you a lot of money. Unlike previous entries on this list, being an elderly caregiver requires a license and a course or a diploma. Since it’s closely tied to medicine, geriatrics is an excellent choice for med school students. Through such a calling, people can practice their craft while being paid very handsomely. All you need is to put up an ad and go to an interview.

 For some, it can be a challenging profession, as you deal with people who are either physically impaired or suffering from dementia or some other mental condition. Despite the problematic nature of their career, elderly caregivers have seen a steady rise in average median pay the last few decades. For those determined and dedicated, starting a caregiving business is the way to go.

10. Room Rental/Bed and breakfast accommodation

Out of all the job on this, this one requires the least amount of effort. The only thing you need is to have sufficient space where someone can stay. This can either be a room, an apartment or even a couch! Sites like Couch surfing and Airbnb are becoming more and more popular solutions for travelers. Gone are the days when someone wants to spend a fortune on a 5-star hotel. Providing accommodation is a legal, safe and lucrative business you can start.

There are certain things to do before welcoming your first guest. You need to have a clean and relatively modern place. Of course, the quality of photographs you put up online has to be superb. Regardless of the real state of your apartment, the online profile you set up is everything. Even just weekend visitors can add some enough fund to your monthly income. If you have space, it doesn’t cost you a dime to rent it out.

9. Jewelry Designer

The basis of every jewelry designing endeavor is your creativity. Before investing in jewels, materials and other tools, think about what ideas do you have. Write them down, design them or even do some 3-D modeling. Afterward, post your copyrighted work online and see how many people are interested. Then, immediately afterward, purchase all the necessary materials in bulk. That way, you will be able to cause immediate hype amongst your customers. As you deliver more and more orders, your brand will become increasingly popular.

What’s important is to know how to make correct moves in this line of work. Make sure you always expand your horizons and acquire additional skills. Many people used this work as a side gig, whereas they got their main job thanks to the design skills they developed in the beginning. Knowledge of 3-D modeling will pitch you as a worthy candidate to a company that deals in graphic design. Coding is also a skill that can take you to the next level.

8. Professional Organizer

This line of work only requires resourcefulness. Another skills that are very desirable when being a professional organizer is punctuality. You can choose to organize an event, but weddings, bachelor parties and other forms of festivities prove to be the most popular choice. When faced with a client, you have to be precise with your estimates, as well as having a knack for managing money and allocating it accordingly. Mistakes are not an option, but there aren’t any costs to starting an organizing firm.

Aside from having a natural leading predisposition, it’s also great to build contacts in different industries. Sometimes, your clients will ask for a box of rare wine for their wedding or an expensive brand of lighting for their club party. In all these cases, you must know whom to call, when to call and how to act when things don’t go according to plan. If you can withstand a lot of pressure and long working hours, then you’ll find the money completely worth it.

7. Mobile Auto Washing

Due to high rent prices and necessary obligations, there are less car wash places than ever. This creates a problem for people who frequently see their car get dirty. And because of the decreasing number of these car washes, the existing ones charge a lot. To exploit this situation on the market, an excellent way to start a business with less than $5000 is to assemble a group of people and wash people’s cars for money, but with a twist. A mobile auto wash organization has many advantages.

People will be able to call you and book a car washing session. The only thing you must do is take the equipment and visit the caller. Equipment for sufficient car washing costs much less than $5000, as well as hiring two people to help you. Not only will you earn a hefty sum, but you’ll also solve a problem that your customers often have. Remember, every new business rate on the efficiency of its problem-solving.

6. Bartending Service

Everyone loves cocktails and enjoying a good round of drinks at a party. However, not everyone can do it, and not everyone wants to spend a fortune and go out to a club. That’s where starting a bartending service seems like the ideal choice for anyone looking to organize a party. By hiring a professional bartender, people will save a lot of money and still have a party that they couldn’t dream of. Remember bartenders are both tipped and handsomely paid.

To ensure that you’re a credible bartender, you need to attend a course and learn all the necessary things. Arrange a party for your friends or acquaintances to finish the course and register a bartending company. People will be able to hire you, pay you a wage and provide alcohols. If your business goes well, you can start providing alcohol (for a reasonable price, of course).

5. Bicycle Rentals

If you were wondering why bicycle renting is such a famous line of work, ecology is your answer. That’s right, an increased awareness level due to climate changes has caused bicycle purchases, production and renting to skyrocket. You don’t have the money to join the production business, but you can earn a hefty sum from renting out bicycles. And this is precisely where increased production will suit you and help you with gaining even more funds. The key action here is buying used bikes. You will conduct business in a simple, but effective manner.

There are lots of sites that specialize in allowing owners are selling their used bicycles. Because people are impatient and want to gain money as soon as possible, they sell perfectly good bicycles for small amounts of money. By buying these bikes and fixing them up, you gain back the value of every bike after just three rents! Many exchange students do this in foreign countries to earn some extra money. It’s unregulated and easy to master.

4. Essential Oils and Soaps Making

Since more and more people are turning to natural hygiene products, running an essential oil and soap production company is a great idea. Most of these products can be made with a quite simple production process. You can even find guides online, depicting how to turn plants and other natural products into oils and hygiene products. If you’re looking to start a business with less than $5000, you will find this easy business venture a clear choice to follow. It takes a lot of work and knowledge, but it pays well.

Aside from specializing in the production of these soaps, you will have to organize a good delivery system. More and more cosmetics startups and even big corporations operate on an online-only basis. Physical stores are a thing of a past, and more and more people are using this opportunity to start a business with minimal investments. Ordering the ingredients in bulk can be much cheaper, and you can use your kitchen as a lab.

3. Mobile DJ

Do you listen to music and know a lot about a genre or two? If yes, there is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on your knowledge. Different people like different kinds of music and they’ll want to organize parties and enjoy music. If you are a professional DJ and master the skill of using a console, there will no limits as to how much can you earn. All the software you need is available online, as well as the equipment that’s necessary.

Programs like Traktor, Scratch, Ableton, and others provide you with all the controls needed to mix songs and play music at a party. With only a small investment in a quality mixer, you can work as a DJ for hire. You will be invited to play and paid a hefty sum. A good part of working as a mobile DJ is that there will be people willing to pay a lot of money to play a particular song.

2. Photographer

The art of catching the moment is an excellent way to earn some extra money and travel the world. Photography is not only popular from a fame-only standpoint, but it also allows you to see other opportunities for further work. A good example of starting to be a professional photographer would be selling your photos via stock sites and Flickr. You only have to make sure that there are not brands visible on the photos and people will be interested in buying them for further use.

As more and more people buy your work, your Instagram and Facebook content will gain popularity, and you’ll earn money. You can invest it in traveling and taking even more beautiful photos, as well as buying new lenses, tripods, and accessories. Purchasing a mid-level camera is enough, and it costs much less than $5000. Not only does photography earn you a fantastic amount of money, but you’ll be able to travel everywhere.

1. Cake Baking and Decorating

If you even have the basics of baking, you will be able to turn it into something much more with just hard work. Cake baking is a skill that can be mastered in only a few weeks, with the expenses not reaching more than a few hundred dollars. It’s a far cry from $5000, which may pose as a limit for a “cheap investment.” Decorating is the next step, and you’ll reach a level when people begin to notice you.

Through social media promotion, you will be able to field orders for different festivities, occasions and in different sizes. People love their cakes decorates, as they end up being valuable memories that mark people’s lives. It’s a worthwhile investment that can end up being a high flourishing business.

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